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Chest Workout Tips

Cable Crossover Chest Training Tips With Cedric McMillan

Chest Workouts

 A variety of resistance exercises can be used to train the pectoralis major muscle.

What is resistance training?  It is the type of exercise that causes the muscles to contract against an external resistance with dumbbells, bands or your own weight.  These exercises when done correctly are expected to help you build up your strength, tone, mass, and/or endurance.

In the bodybuilding world or for more hardcore training, most prefer dumbbells, barbells on bench or free weights.  People interested in just toning should not shy away or be frightened to use free weights.  You may see quicker and/or better results using dumbbells or by weight training.

Exercises for chest workouts include bench pressing (using dumbbells, barbells or machines at various angles such as decline, incline and flat where the hips are above, below and level with the head respectively).  Pushups, flyes (using dumbbells or machines at either flat or inclined angles), cable crossovers or dips are great exercises for pecs, as well.

Multi-joint press exercises are better for building muscle mass, while fly and crossovers are more suited for shaping and increasing striations. Muscles can be developed by working four regions of the muscle, upper, lower, outer and inner.

The upper portion of the trapezius can be developed by elevating the shoulders. Common exercises for this movement are shoulder shrugs and upright rows. Middle fibers are developed by pulling shoulder blades together. The lower part can be developed by drawing the shoulder blades downward while keeping the arms almost straight and stiff. It is mainly used in throwing, with the muscles called deltoids.

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